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How do you talk to someone in LATAM?

With LATAM Airlines, you can get the best travel deals and experience exceptional customer service. If you are planning a trip with the airline and you are traveling with friends or family, you can get assistance with a reservation, you may claim a refund, or share your feedback easily using any of the modes of communication offered by the airline. You can connect with the airline by reading further along to get all the contact details.

How do I talk to a live person at LATAM Airlines?

You can talk to a live person by calling the number 1866 435-9526. After dialing the number, you need to follow the IVR instructions given below to get to a representative.

  • First, select the language by following the menu below.
    • Choose 1 for English.
    • Choose 2 for Spanish.
    • Choose 3 for Italian.
    • Choose 4 for Mexican.
  • You may press 1 for a new booking, cancelation or to make changes.
  • Press 2 to get help with lost, delayed, or damaged baggage.
  • You must press 3 to get a refund.
  • You can press 4 to share your feedback/file a complaint.
  • You must press 5 to select a seat.
  • Press 6 to purchase extra baggage.
  • Press 8 to talk to a customer service agent.

You must give the confirmation code and the last name of the passenger to get the best possible service.

The best method to get in touch with Latam-

The best method to get in touch with Latam Airlines is by using the phone number. It is the preferred mode of communication for most travelers as you can get assistance from the airlines’ skilled and qualified experts. You will be able to connect quickly and get a fast response. 

You may call during the non-peak hours that is early in the morning or later in the evening to connect faster as the airline receives fewer calls during this time. If you are still not able to connect using the phone number, you can use another method. The details are given below.

Alternate Methods to contact Latam- 

Via chat:

You can choose to chat to get help with a reservation, you can get updates on the flight status, flight information, and much more. It is the most preferred way to get in touch with the airline for assistance. You will be able to get a fast response and you can start the process by following the steps below.

  • You need to get access to the homepage
  • Select the tab Help Center.
  • You need to select the tab “Start online service.”
  • You must select the chat tab.

Send the message and you will get the reply with the solution.

Via social media:

You can use social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to get help easily. The airline encourages the passengers to connect so that the tickets can be sold. Hundreds of passengers connect on a day-to-day basis. You need to follow the airline and you will get updates on the latest news, offers, deals, and discounts. You need to send a message to get help. An airline representative will provide the best possible support.

Via email:

Passengers can send an email to talk to someone. It is an excellent method to keep track of the conversation and refer to the conversation on a daily basis. You need to compose the email by writing your query in detail and you must mention your contact details as well. You need to attach relevant documents. You will get the solution in 7 days to your query. If your query is related to a refund, you must mention the details of the reservation.

Via the office address:

You can contact the airline at the nearest office. You need to carry essential documents with you. You need to talk to a representative to get the best possible solution. You can find the address on the official website on the help center page. You will get the best possible solution easily in person.

Services you can get by contacting Latam-

  • You can book a flight.
  • Cancellations and changes to the reservation can be made like changing flight date/time.
  • Purchase excess baggage or choose a seat.
  • You can get updates on the latest deals and discounts.
  • You may request special services like a wheelchair or UNMR service.
  • You can request a refund and file a complaint.
  • Share your feedback for a trip.
  • You can get help with lost or damaged baggage.
  • You can get details on the status of your refund


This information can be used to talk to someone on Latam Airlines. For help with any other query related to your trip, you can use the official website or call the customer service number. The number will remain operational 24 hours a day throughout the week so that your trip is memorable and hassle-free.


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