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Iberia Airlines Manage Booking

The best airline that offers excellent services to its passengers on board is Iberia Airlines. Madrid is the headquarters of Iberia. It mostly uses reliable, global networks for its operations. Iberia business class passengers can reserve their seats in advance at no additional expense to them. One of the world’s most reliable  airlines is Iberia Airlines. You may obtain comfortable, reasonable travel tickets when you book a flight to Iberia.

Flight Reservation with Iberia Airlines

You must follow the steps outlined below if you want to learn more about Iberia Airlines reservations:

  1. First, go to Iberia Airlines’ official website.
  2. After that, navigate to booking management by clicking the homepage button.
  3. There, you can choose your preferred flight.
  4. then enter your information as appropriate.
  5. After that, select a seat based on your preferences.
  6. You will then be taken directly to the payment procedure after selecting a seat.
  7. You will get confirmation of your reservation by mail or phone.
  8. Finally, you will receive a message with all the information about your reservation.

Therefore, you can reserve a seat on an Iberia Airlines aircraft by following these simple steps. And if you want to book a flight and choose your seat, you may also use the Iberia customer service option for Iberia Airlines Reservations to get your seat quickly and comfortably. If you have any more questions about making a reservation or choosing a seat, you can phone the customer care support team, who is available around-the-clock to help.

Iberia Manage Booking

You can cancel, modify, or reschedule your flight reservation via the airline’s ” Iberia Airlines Manage Booking” feature, according to Iberia Airlines.

Advantages of using the ‘Iberia Airlines Manage Booking’ 

The airline’s “Iberia Airlines Manage Booking” feature streamlines the process for customers, and it also allows them to keep track of their flight tickets. The following advantages of selecting the “Iberia Airlines Manage Booking” option are listed.

  1. Simple and fast payment for online flight reservations made through the official website
  2. Simple access and seat availability checking
  3. online quick seat upgrade
  4. Access to airline schedules and convenient journey tracking
  5. To share, print, or email trip information at any time When booking a new flight with the airlines, use miles.
  6. Online requests for special meals and medical service requirements are accepted.
  7. Because of your elite rank, you can receive a discount and bonus points.
  8. After online check-in, view/print your boarding pass.

What is the procedure for Iberia Airlines Manage booking ?

The steps you must take in order to amend or cancel your flight reservation  using  Iberia Airlines Manage Booking:

  1. The first and easiest step is to visit Iberia Airlines’ official website.
  2. Once you’ve reached the official website, select “your flight” from the top Tabs.
  3. In the booking area of the “your flight” option, choose “Manage Your Booking.”
  4. When you are on the “Manage Booking” screen, enter the passenger’s last name and the booking code that is listed on the flight ticket, then click “Manage Your Booking.”
  5. Your screen will provide a list of Iberia Airlines flights that are currently open for booking; you must choose the one from this list.
  6. Once inside, pick your flight and proceed with any changes you want to make to your ticket, such as a cancellation, alteration, or rescheduling to acquire a better seat.
  7. You will be given a number of on-screen instructions, for which you must select an option and then continue according to your modifications.
  8. Follow the on-screen instructions to make the payment for the adjustment, if necessary, after all the details have been filled out.
  9. When the procedure is finished, you’ll get a confirmation on your registered phone number or email address.
  10.  If you have upgraded or rescheduled your flight, you will also receive the e-ticket for your ticket.


Flight management is simple with the airline’s “manage Booking” section, so there’s no need to use a travel agent. You can cancel, upgrade, or make any other changes to your flight ticket once you are aware of all the potential factors provided by the airlines. However, the option to choose your seat is not one of the services you may access through the Manage booking’ button. Only when booking a reservation or while checking in online can you choose your seat. Please feel free to get in touch with an airline’s customer service representative if you have any additional questions.

People also Ask for:

Iberia is known for its comfortable and pocket-friendly flights across the United States and Europe. The airline has low-cost fare-prices, an in-flight entertainment system, and serves delicious food items on board. Also, the staff is excelled and always ready to help with your Iberia Airlines reservations.

Each flyer is allowed to bring one complimentary carry-on bag that they can store in the overhead storage of the cabin. The item brought should not be any larger than 56 x 45 x 25 cm in size. 

Passengers flying in the Business plus cabin are entitled to bring two pieces of carry-on bags. Apart from that, flyers are also entitled to bring one small complimentary personal item along with them. This item could be anything such as a briefcase, umbrella, laptop bag, camera kits, baby food bag, a utility kit, or other small items that the airline allows. 

Iberia has different checked baggage limitations depending upon your class fare. However, If we are talking about basic checked baggage policies, the checked bag should not be larger than a linear size of 62 inches, including wheels and handles, and must not weigh more than 23 kg.

The number of bags permitted will totally depend upon your destination city and class-fare. However, if you are carrying extra items other than your complimentary checked baggage allowance, then you will have to pay an extra fee for the service.

Iberia has the availability of an awesome in-flight entertainment system that allows you to select and watch from a variety of movies, TV shows, and music during your time in the air. 

TV: Iberia has over 105 TV channel options for you to select from. You can choose out of sports, news, travel, and even watch award-winning documentaries.

Movies: The in-flight entertainment system also has over 65 onboard films, that too, in multiple languages. The movie collection is updated each month and provided with the latest releases so that you can enjoy the most out of your time in the air.

The airline offers two check-in options for your Iberia Airlines reservations. We have specified both down below:

Online Check-in: You can check-in online using the official website of the airline. However, it is recommended to contact the reservation department to know about the check-in procedure.

Airport Check-in: Flyers can also check-in at the airport using self-help kiosks or at the check-in counters in case of any needed assistance or if they are traveling with a pet or baby.

The economy class cabin has a 9-inch touch screen that keeps you entertained with the latest movies and TV shows during your flight. You can also play games using in-flight entertainment systems.  Iberia also serves complimentary food on its long-haul flights. However, short-haul passengers will have to purchase their own meals.

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